Exhibitions - gallery

The interiors of Academic Hotel & Congress Centre are different from those of other hotels: several corridors serve as space for a permanent exhibition.
On the third floor, you will find four large-format versions of four unique photographs of 1960s London. Taken by Oldřich Karásek, they show French actress Brigitte Bardot, Ringo Starr (The Beatles), the wedding of Paul McCartney (The Beatles) to Linda Eastman, and John Lennon (The Beatles) and Yoko Ono.


Photographs of international musicians and actors, both Czech and international, are displayed in the upstairs section of the hotel restaurant. Oleg Homola took them between 1978 and 1986. As well as deceased stars such as Michal Tučný, Karel Zich and Billy Preston (who played on The Beatles’ Let It Be, and collaborated with The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton among others) other, living legends pictured include Waldemar Matuška, Karel Gott, Jiří Lábus, Jarek Nohavica, Ivan Mládek, Olympic, Pražský výběr, Katapult and others. The younger generation of musicians, such as band Wohnout, is also included. The photographs are of interest for their content as well as their large format: for example the picture of Billy Preston measures 5.5  metres.

The works of 13 Czech distinguished photographers (Jitka Rjašková, Jaroslav Boček, Lucie Svobodová, Standa Navrátil, Petr Strasenský, Jan Šroubek, Veronika Souralová, Hana Čížková, Václav Lála, Vladimír Kasl, Jiří Jakovenko, Ivana Šnaidaufová, and Pavel Švarc) are displayed in the guest bedrooms. Each room contains three pictures by one of these photographers, giving it a unique quality.

The second floor of the hotel is also an actual gallery, run by professional photographer Veronika Souralová. Set up in collaboration with the CZECH PRESS PHOTO exhibition, the venue holds regular exhibitions of leading professional and amateur photographers. It has thus become a meeting place for photographers and an important cultural hub, not just in Roztoky u Prahy.