Technical facilities

Technician and sound technician work

Lease of conference halls includes:

  • preparation of venue in accordance with order
  • assistance in hanging logos and company promotional materials (must be supplied in advance)
  • assistance in installing equipment requested (running data projector, setting sound system, setting lighting)

We can also secure:

  • assistance in playing music, periodic lighting changes
  • constructing floors, stages and room remodelling over course of day
  • we will calculate the price for equipment on the basis of your request


Technical equipment

Receiving station
Booth for another language
Sound system/PC sound system
Wired microphone on lectern
Wired microphone
Wireless microphone
Lavalier microphone
Delegate microphone
Flipchart incl. 25 sheets of paper + markers
Plasma screen incl. stand 126‘‘
LCD monitor
2000 ANSI data projector
3000 ANSI data projector
Screen on tripod 1.5m
Laptop computer
Laptop computer per request and SW
PC with monitor
CD with player
DVD with player
Video recorder
Dance floor (max. 100 m² available), price per 1 m²
Hall lighting (setting must be tested before beginning)
Simultaneous interpreting


There is a cloakroom at the main hall for non-accommodated guests/visitors.
You can arrange cloakroom service at your own cost (cloakroom tickets, pins, attendants). In this case, lease of the cloakroom is free of charge.
We are happy to arrange cloakroom service for you:

  • cloakroom attendant
  • permanent surveillance
  • securing cloakroom tickets, pins/pegs
  • 150 CZK/hour

For further information or a quote, contact our Sales Division.

Today's menu

    Wednesday 21. 2. 2018
  • Bramborová (1a,3,7,9)
    30 Kč
  • Hovězí guláš, hrášková rýže (1a,3,7)
    105 Kč
  • Smažený sýr, vařený brambor, tatarská omáčka (1a,3,7)
    90 Kč
  • Fusilli se sušenými rajčaty, česnekem a bazalkou, sypané parmezánem (1a,3,7)
    90 Kč
  • Velký šopský salát (7)
    85 Kč